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Finn Brothers Everyone is here t-shirt

03 September 2011

Long shot but worth a try so please ask anyone you might know.

As all Jane's friends knew, she was a massive fan of Neil Finn, and as a result a fan of all the stuff he did in all his other incarnations. At her cremation, her final farewell was to the sounds of "Fall at your feet".

Jane's favourite t-shirt ever, as far as I know, was a green shirt she bought at a concert of The Finn Brothers in Wolverhampton, back in 2004. She wore the shirt all the time. And then last year, it was left somewhere in a hotel, together with some other things. No idea where it went, no idea where it might have been left. But it is gone. Jane was so forgetful already back then that she did not even remember to take her favourite shirt. Can't buy it anymore either. Well, not in a Medium size which means I can wear it.

Jane wearing her Finn Brothers t-shirt in Wales

After Jane's death, I went through her clothes and noticed the t-shirt was missing. I had made a list of clothes I wanted to keep and this one was high on that list. I looked and looked, asked friends, cried, cried some more, found sweet love notes she wrote to me. But no t-shirt.

So, does anyone know of anyone who might have the same shirt and is willing to give/sell it to me? Pretty please?

UPDATE: I LOVE Finn Fans! Although not in a size Medium, a lovely person sent me the t-shirt from the USA! I can not express how much it means to me. Both to have the shirt, and the fact that people are so kind to a complete stranger. I shall make sure I gain enough weight to fit into the Large shirt. Thank you!


Anonymous said...

hey hey, i googled it and found this
but i'm thinking you'd have tried that so maybe it's not the same one lol. i've never heard of em so i'm not much use :) good as ever to read your thoughts recently, thanks for sharing. caz x

Dutchcloggie said...

Hi Caz,

Thanks for that. It is indeed the right tshirt. I will keep that in mind if I can not find the right size.

This site only has Large left and that would be massive. I was kind of hoping to buy a medium so that I can wear the shirt, rather than have it in the cupboard. Jane & I had the same size. Really handy as our wardrobes doubled when we moved in together ;) But if I can not find it, I will get a large one. Cheers very much....

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