06 September 2011

New tattoo

I got myself a nice new tattoo today. It is Jane's signature and a horse. She used to doodle this horse on lots of things. I thought it would be nicer than one of those In Loving Memory ones.
They mixed a pinch of her ashes into the ink as well so now she will always be with me.


  1. Really cool! Is it on the other arm to the quavers?

  2. No. Itis underneath the quavers. In hindsight I should have had it on my shoulderblade but my mind went blank when the man said: where do you want it....

    Nevermind. I like it where it is too.

  3. was wondering about the ashes in the ink thing. Hoping whomever I choose to do it won't flinch at that request.

  4. I love this tattoo, it's so simple but it actually out does a lot of more complicated tattoos I've seen, you chose a good artist, and I'm sorry to hear about your loss, I'm looking for quotes for tattoos for my next tat.