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Pictures on the wall

02 September 2011

When I was at IKEA the other day, I bought a nice big frame for a picture of Jane and me.

The printers frowned slightly when I told them the size of the images required but I felt I wanted a nice chunky picture on the wall. Nice and eye catching. I also had two smaller prints done because I could not decide which ones I wanted. When I got home, I realised the large frame was exactly that: very large.

Once the picture was in the frame, I just could not find a good space for it in the living room. It just looked far too large, wherever I put it. The two smaller ones looked much better together.

So the large one now lives in the bedroom. It is still a bit too large for my liking but never mind. I really like the two pictures in the living room. They are great photographs and are the perfect size.

I am mindful of not turning the house into some kind of Jane Shrine as I believe that is slightly unhealthy. I have a lot of great pictures from that photoshoot so instead of putting more pictures up, I might rotate them, say every few months.

The little ones on the left were done by a very expensive photographer and I could only afford three small prints. The three large ones were taken by Dan Smith, a very talented photographer and graphic designer I used to work with.

When Jane was told she needed radiotherapy, back in October 2008, I realised she might never look the same again afterwards because of the steroids. So I suggested we had some great pictures taken of us. When I told Dan that we could not afford to buy the expensive pictures the photographer took he suggested he do a session with us. We went for a walk in Salcey Forest and Dan ran around taking candid shots.

I so cherish those pictures. I wish I could show you all of them. I can show you a few more though.


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