12 October 2011

Getting rid of stuff

I have just driven to a town 15 miles away to give 2 boxes of my Jane's clothes to the Cancer Research UK shop. I wanted it to go to the hospice shop as they cared for Jane so brilliantly but I just could not bear the idea of bumping in to someone in town wearing her clothes.
I still have one box which I am keeping but I am in tears now and had to stop on the way home to compose myself.
We used to joke about our clothes. We had the same clothes size for most of our relationship so when we moved in together  our wardrobes simply doubled and we just wore each other's stuff.
I have had to move from our lovely flat in to a tiny room in a shared house so I have been getting rid of so many things recently. Feels there is nothing left of our 8 years together but some pictures and my memories...

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