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Lindt Bunny

11 January 2012


I got you your annual Gold Bunny today. I left it with some new flower bulbs. Maybe it is symbolic of something. Don't know.

Just wish you could eat the bunny like you used to do.

I love you.

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Trotters said...

This has made me cry. I always got bought a Lindt bunny each year. It was always called 'ginger' for some reason. Long after ginger was enjoyed, I would keep the bell on the ribbon and then occassionally the bell would jingle and it would be a 'hello' from ginger. I still have a bell in my bedside drawer and when opened with speed tinkles away. But there's no one to laugh with that it's ginger.
At least we have our memories, those will never be taken.
Thank you for sharing xxx

Dutchcloggie said...

Trotters, the bunny has not made it to Easter. Last week a friend lost her father. She came to my house for a cup of tea and desperately needed chocolate. I think Jane would have approved as she would have shared her bunny with a friend in need. But in a lovely gesture, my friend hung the bell on the corner of the picture.... I don't know why but that simple gesture brought me to tears. As if she understood the significance of the bunny and of me sharing it with her when she needed it.

One year, I bought Jane a bunny from Aldi. She was not impressed. I was in the dog house until I bought her a proper one.

Yes, memories are always ours.

Hugs xxx

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