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Plymouth University Offer!

23 January 2012

Plymouth University told me last week it can take until March to know if they are going to make me an offer. Unless, they said, you are spectacular and we really want you. In that case, you'll know within a week.

It appears I am spectacular.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on being spectacular!

And I hope you have time to find out from the other places before you have to decide on whether to go with Plymouth or not. The way you described it in the previous post sounded very lonely, and although i don't know you IRL, I wouldn't think lonely is what you need right now.

Good luck.

JL in GR

Anonymous said...

This is awesome. and thank goodness strangers recognize your awesomeness.

-terryd/woodsnwind sorry, i'm web developing and my google is in someone elses name right now.

SuperCharlotte said...

Well done :)! x

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