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Making music again

21 June 2012

Girlfriend is pretty good at making music. I am okayish at singing other people's songs. I am in awe of people who write their own songs. Maybe even jealous. Girlfriend had said a few times that it would be cool if I could sing some harmonies on some of her songs.

Now I am ok singing covers of other people's songs. But to sing harmonies with the person who has written the songs seemed nerve wrecking to me. Especially since I did not want her to think I was stupid and destroying her pretty song.

Last night there was an Open Mic night in a pub down the road from my house. I kind of said: I could join you on one of your songs. STUPID ME! So then an hour of frantic and somewhat reluctant practicing followed. At first I mumbled along a bit, pretending to not really knowing what I was doing. What I was really doing was finding out how shit Girlfriend thought I was. Turns out she did not think I was crap at all. She was wonderfully patient with me whilst I sang the wrong words and wrong lines. Eventually we got to a point where I felt comfortable enough to say: OK then, let's do it.

So off to the pub we went. I played a short set of 4 songs first. (Dolly Parton's "To Daddy", Melissa Etheridge's "Like the way I do", Joan Armatrading's "Weakness in me") Girlfriend joined me on the last song where we sang Crowded House's "Weather With you". We were awesome.  Then Girlfriend played her set and I joined her on her last song. It wasn't brilliant from my part but the massive grin on Girlfriend's face was just wonderful.  She was ecstatic that someone was singing her songs and her harmonies with her. And it did not even sound crap.

I really really enjoyed it. Having broken though that barrier of embarrassment of singing with someone I consider to be a much better musician, I think I might be more comfortable in the future. I did not realise until recently how much I have missed making music in the past 9 years. Actually, it is longer than that. I just let it all slide for years. But making music with someone is brilliant fun and stimulating.

We might do that again some day.


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