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Sarah Bettens and other obsolete cds

28 June 2012

Listening to Sarah Bettens (K's Choice singer) on YouTube. Then I remembered Jane had bought her solo album years ago so I went to find it from a box of Jane's crappy cds.  I have 4 boxes of her cds. There was no space inmy own cd rack so they live somewhere separate.

I don't understand why seeing the pile of cds made me cry. Counting Crows, Crowded House, Matchbox 20, REM. None of the stuff that I really like. But it made me so incredibly sad. Such a reminder that they don't get played anymore. I wasn't even crying over Jane as such. It just made me feel so angry and sad about a life lost.

So I cried. Over a bunch of unused cds.

Actually, it is Sarah's rendition of this song, Leef, that made me sad to start with. She sings it so beautifully.  So I was already sad when I opened the box of cds.


terryd said...

Grief of love lost lives forever, get used to it. Lucky you that the love lost was not of betrayal of love, rather betrayal of body. You will cry for your whole life on certain meaningful triggers. I do.

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