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Olympic Fever

03 August 2012

A couple of days ago, I went to London to sniff up some of the Olympic atmosphere. I did not want to miss the opportunity to see something of the Olympics, the biggest show on earth. But having not put in any preparation or money, the only option to see any sports was the road cycling as this is free to watch for everyone who can find a spot along the route.

I went with Girlfriend and another friend. Girlfriend is not really in to sport so I was worried she might get bored. There was a lot of travel involved in getting to Hampton Court where we would be watching the cycling's Time Trial. We found a brilliant spot to base ourselves, got the Magners out and waited. The crowds were doing Mexican waves and chanting. It was great fun because the weather was brilliant.

We saw Bradley Wiggins win a gold medal! Wuhoo..completely underwhelming Hyde Park BT London Live experience. The place was as good as abandoned when we were expecting huge crowds, a party atmosphere and people watching big screens in their thousands. After a quick pee (no queue for the toilets, this should tell you how quiet it was), we left Hyde Park and made our way to the Piece the Resistance of the day: The Holland Heineken House. The HHH is THE place to be for Dutch fans during the Olympics. First introduced in Barcelona in 1992, the HHH is an awesome place. Every night, they have any Dutch medal winners on stage and we Dutch cheer them on. Usually it is a massive tent complex, but this year, the house is in the splendid Alexandra Palace.

Lucky for us, Netherlands had just won a bronze and a gold so there were 2 athletes to cheer on. Warmed up with some ridiculous Dutch music, the crowd was going wild. Girlfriend and our other friend looked highly bemused. I tried to explain about Andre Hazes but they did not seem to appreciate it. But the thousands of other Dutch people certainly did.

It was a brilliant night. I was so happy to have finally been to a Holland Heineken House. And so close to home. In reality, we did not catch much of the Olympic fever. This could have been a regular day out in London with a bit of cycling in the middle. Lots of my friends seem to be snapping up tickets to the Games at the moment. If I had more time off, I would definitely go back this week and try to catch some actual sport.
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