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Ticking along

13 February 2013

I am currently on my first placement of my nursing education. I am not allowed to say much (read: anything) about it in public due to university rules and confidentiality stuff. University is shit-hot on people talking about university, be it negative or positive (but mostly when they say negative things of course) and I have already been told off for telling the world I was struggling with a f*cking assignment.

So I will keep it simple and say that I am learning lots and still struggling with the theoretical side of it all and the assignments and constant writing, reflecting and what have you. I am however ace when I am on the ward with patients.

In other parts of my life, things are going very well indeed. After 10 months together, I am still very happy with Girlfriend. I pinch myself every day that I have been so lucky to find such a wonderful person. We see each other every day (we live on the same street) and some people think that is weird. We think it is great. Living only a few doors away from each other means we can pop in for a cup of tea, even on days when we are both busy. So often I just drop by for a kiss and a cup of tea and then go back home to do some work or to go to bed early.

We are discussing our future together, too. We both feel pretty strongly that this relationship is really great and has loads of potential for the future. I like dreaming about the future. I like thinking of all the things we might be doing together in the future. It is wonderful to think of happiness in terms of being with someone and sharing hopes and dreams.

I am beyond excited about the trip we have booked to Paris to celebrate our anniversary and Girlfriend's birthday. It is not until April but we can not stop thinking about it. I have not been in Paris for more than 10 years and I very much look forward to going back there and doing all the cliche things such as walking hand in hand with Girlfriend, looking out over Paris from the Eiffel Tower and sitting on the steps of the Sacre Coeur. Yay.

All in all, things are pretty good. If only i could finish the next f*cking assignment....
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