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A new home for us

06 January 2014

Soooo......after months working with a team of District Nurses as part of my degree course, I have today returned to university. And the exciting topic to start off the year is Research and Research Methodology. Yes yes, I hear you groan. It made me wish I could chat it over with JD. She would be an invaluable resource. I mean, the subject of studying research itself seems pretty navel-gazing. But in actual fact it was really interesting. It is just such a shame I will have to actually write a massive essay at the end of all that lovely research. Maybe I should get an assistant to do the hard work for me.

Speaking of assistant.... Girlfriend is currently next to me on the sofa hemming our new curtains. You see, we were cheapskates and bought the curtains that were 3cm too short for our windows because they were £20 cheaper. So now Girlfriend (that really should be Fiancee by now) has taking the hems out and is now making a new hem. Ain't she clever...

And that, Dear Reader, is why I am marrying her.

So yes, our new house. We moved in on a Saturday and went on a ferry to Holland on a Monday to 'do' Christmas with my parents. So no real stress at all there. The Monday on the ferry was awesome. It was on Stormy Monday. Only a few hours after we sailed, they closed the port of Dover due to the severe weather. Our crossing was tumultuous but kinda awesome. A nice way to introduce Fiancee to ferry travel.

Then there was Christmas and then we came home. To FLEAS in our house. A man came and sprayed it. And then we put our things in to the house. And now it looks like this:

Which I think is pretty awesome. The massive map is a Zoological Map of the World, dated somewhere around World War I. We got it from the DIY shop and I had to rent a van to get it home. It was too big for the car. There are still a few small things to do but we are getting there. It certainly feels like our home. It is quite something to get used to, going from a small 1-bedroom flat to a 2-bed house. If nothing else, we have to shout so LOUD to hear each other when we are in different rooms.
The biggest room has been turned in to our office. My desk is there and Fiancee has her little home studio set-up. The house is pretty cold as the wind blows through the gaps in the floor boards but I will be sealing these in a couple of weeks.

Yeah, I am happy with the house. Now we have a wedding to organise. Better get on with it.


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