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International Nurses' Day 2014 (and a drag queen at Eurovision)

12 May 2014

Congratulations to me. Today is International Nurses' Day. A day to celebrate all the good things nurses do. And since I am nearly a nurse, i am going to pat myself on the back already.

I am currently stressed out of my little skull trying to produce a 5000-word literature review on a public health topic. My topic has gone through various incarnations:

1) Are lesbians at increased risk of breast cancer and should they be more aware of this?
2) What are attitudes towards sexually transmitted infections among women who have sex with women and how can this group be reached with public health campaigns
3) Sexually transmitted diseases: women's risk perceptions and how this leads to behaviour modification.

Currently I am settling for "Sexually Transmitted Infections in the over-45s: why are they on the rise and why does the Safe Sex message not reach this group."

Hopefully I can write something that can at least be handed in before the deadline. I am at that time of the year where I am less and less interested in the quality of the work and more and more in just passing the year. This saddens me but I realise this is normal in any student and I guess nursing students are no different. Since March, I have been working full time at my placement. It finishes the first week of June. That same week we are due a 5000-word literature review and a group health care debate about assisted dying (in the style of the Cambridge Debating Society). 10 days later, we are due to hand in a 2000-word care plan. Not sure why this all had to be done at the same time as working full time at placement but it certainly is stressful. Apparently it is related to the structure of the academic year and the fact that a nursing degree is 45 weeks per year whereas most other degrees are only 32 weeks and we have to fit in with the regular examination board's time tables.

Oh well, it focuses the mind I guess. Never to early to get used to the stress we will be under once we actually qualify ;-)

On the positive side, today  got news that I have been selected to be a Care Maker! What is a Care Maker I hear you ask. Well, let me explain. As part of the drive to improve patient care, the NHS and universities are pushing hard to make sure all health care professionals adhere to The 6Cs in patient care. These are:


In order to push these values forward, a few thousand 6C Ambassadors have been recruited. These Care Makers will attend conferences and spread the message about the 6Cs. They will, hopefully, demonstrate to other people how easy it is to implement these core values of good care in every day practice. For more information about the Care Makers and the 6Cs, have a look at the Care Makers website. I am proud to have been chosen as a Care Maker (and happy that I shall get a nice new hoody and a t-shirt. Free clothes are always good for a student!).

And on a totally unrelated note.....can I just say how AWESOME this year's Eurovision Song Contest was. As a Dutch lady, I am of course very proud of the fantastic Common Linnets with their gorgeous country song Calm after the Storm. I am currently listening to their entire album and it is bloody amazing. Americana from Holland that can compete with anything Nashville can churn out.

Oh yeah, and there was also someone with a beard I think. Can't remember what that was all about. Something with a Bond-theme song or something.


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