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Nearly married: wedding stress.

21 August 2014

Pre-wedding stress has started. 24 days until WedFest and the mood in my house is one of constant slight irritation. Nothing major, but it is clear that we are both tense.

If you have organised your own wedding, then you know what I mean. That feeling of constantly being in a slightly bad mood for no reason (the reason of course is wedding stress but you don't KNOW this at the time). This is a similar feeling that many people have on Christmas Day: the expectation that is MUST be a fantastic fun-filled day makes you so stressed that it puts you in a bad mood. Ugh. Time for more booze I reckon. Oh no! Bloody pre-wedding diet. You know, when people say to each other: I can't wait to be your wife/husband. It is not because of love, it is because after the wedding it will all be over and they can go back to their normal diet and booze routine.

Weddings are so stressful. When you fist stat organising it, there is this massive flurry of activity. You get a venue, book a registrar, decide on a guest list, discuss the food etc. And the the waiting starts. Months and weeks of very little to do as time ticks on. And then, when the day is near, it becomes EXTREMELY busy and stressful. We are having a Bring A Dish wedding as we like it low key. This means that we have spent a lot of time (I mean A LOT OF TIME) trying to figure out how much and what we need people to bring. Our worst nightmare is if there is not enough food. But hey, we will just order pizza if there is not enough :-)  But neither of us has wever catered for more than 4 people. So how do you ask 75 people to bring a variety of dishes that will feed everyone? How much potato salad? How many rolls? How much green salad (you know, the stuff that is always left at the end of the night). Hours and hours of agonizing later, we think we have cracked it. We will provide the meat for the BBQ and the guest are asked to bring side dishes etc.

Doing your own food also means the caterer will not help with setting the tables. So we have asked our friends for help on the day. If everyone helps out for a few minutes, everyone can have a good time. Hopefully, instead of it making people feel used, it will make people feel that they have really participated in our wedding and are a really important part of our day.

So now we are in the last three weeks. We are asked to send the registrar our vows, the music and exact timings. Geeeez..... we were not aware this was all so regimented. We were going to kind of wing it on the day. Now we have to stress about that as well. The little things still need to be done. We are getting stressed and tired. Bring on the day of The Wedding. So I can get drunk (a little bit) and wake up next to my lovely new wife.

And then go to lectures at 10am the day after the wedding.  I have organised the perfect wedding on a completely stupid day! Duh.


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